Sunday, August 12, 2012

Graphika Manila

Poster Ads
Late this morning the event of Graphika Manila held at SMX Mall of Asia, Graphika Manila opened gates 9am for the registration.and 10am to 12:30 pm for morning session and  1:30pm to 6pm for afternoon session.before you can attend their event you need to reserve a ticket thru ticket price  are P1,750 for student pass and P1,950 for conference can pay thru bank or online.Graphika Manila is the premier multimedia and graphic design event. in the Philippines.

Ticket front view

Ticket back view

Freebies from Graphika Manila

Bag front view
Bag back view
Poster Book
E- Certificate

Envelop with Graphika Manila Seal (sticker inside)



Graphika Manila had  7 speaker from around the world 2 of them are filipinos and some are phil- american.they discussed about their work, ads and creative process.


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