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Bel-Air Residences Lipa: A House, A Home, and A Lot More

A home is a very hard find, why is a house a basic need? a house gives us shelter, protects us from rain and the heat of the sun, it protects us from outsiders that wants to harm us and our family, it symbolizes the social stature you're in.

But not everyone can be assured of happiness with their own house, every house have it's own characteristics, aura and feel that anyone can't easily notice. But if you come across a house which fits your standards and perfect for you and your family, which is very rare, your very lucky! but i'm sorry to say it's not a house.its a home! like the houses in Bel-Air Residences Lipa,

You don't need to look for your dream house or dream home as hard as looking for a needle in a hay stack, its just a couple of blocks away or just a house away, so why wait for your home to come to you why not visit it right away and see a hand full of dream houses and homes?

Everybody knows that a house is a life changing investment. that is why a lot of our fellow filipino work hard overseas even though they are far from their families they fight sadness when there is occasions back home and of course home sickness just to place food on the table and roof on the heads of their family. some just wait for their luck in lotto, raffles and game-shows Everyone wants to have or build their dream house, me? my dream house is where we can have a memorable event every time we have a guest or occasion, a greenery, a big living room where me and my family can play around, a balcony where i can feel the breeze of the outside air, and of course i want a modern zen design and feel to my dream house for a more relaxing view. and you know what? i never had a hard time finding it.i found it already, Alexandra! at Bel-Air Residences Lipa

This is being developed by

The Bel-Air Residence Lipa, Batangas is a 14 hectare residential development set on the BEST location in Lipa, one of the Best cities to be in in the Philippines. You are right beside Fiesta Mall, across Kolehiyo ng Lipa, near many schools, 2 corners away from SM and Municipal Hall and 3 corners away from Batangas State University and University of Batangas, and from Star Tollways. It combines benefits of city living in a relaxed setting. A breathtaking view of the Malarayat mountains is a site to enjoy every single morning. Distributed parks allow activity and social centers as well as pockets of meditation. Outside, seize the opportunity of an active business district where endless possibilities awaits. Convenient access points allows you to navigate the city with comfort and ease.

BEL AIR RESIDENCES- LIPA is PLANNED and ORGANIZED for families looking for growth and professional business opportunities while planning also for security, health habits via parks and jogging areas, and a minimum need for car usage. A small commercial area in front ensures further future conveniences. A Large sculpted entrance will welcome you home every day, and a clubhouse planned for welcoming community activities,. Plus many other planned pleasant surprises!

They offer this :


55.00 sqm. Lot Area
88.00 sqm Total Floor Area

Designed to suit the needs of individuals or couples who are just starting out a whole new adventure on independence. The design incorporated possible future expansions to accommodate the needs of a growing family. It is laid out to even allow a small dressing room for the masters, a covered garage, and generous toilet bathing space.

■ Two-storey ■ Living Room ■ Dining Room ■ Kitchen ■ 3 Bedrooms ■ Toilet and Bath ■ Den■ Carport ■ Utility Area

Andrea (Duplex)

88.00 sqm. Lot Area
86.00 sqm Total Floor Area

Caters to the need of individuals or families who are looking for the right space with affordable up-keep and maintenance while enjoying a little garden. Lots of air, large kitchen area, with sliding door opening to your own side, lanai garden which can be an extended parking space.

Some clients and relatives or friends choose 2 units facing each other to enjoy both closeness but independent living, as well as a joint- view, larger side garden

■ Two-storey Attached ■ Living Room ■ Dining Room ■ Kitchen ■ 3 Bedrooms ■ 2 Toilet and Bath ■ Lanai ■ Porch ■ Utility Area

Samantha (Single Detached)

120.00 sqm. Minimum Lot Area
101.00 sqm Total Floor Area

Planned based on a family’s requirement for ample living space with comfortable bedroom size and bathrooms. The independent lot area all around allows a family to plan the whole surrounding for gardens or other uses.

■ Two-storey Single Detached ■ Living Room ■Dining Room ■ Kitchen ■ 3 Bedrooms ■ 2 Toilet and Bath ■ Maid's Room ■ Lanai ■ Patio ■ Porch■ Carport ■ Utility Area

this is my dream house and maybe a lot of you who is reading my blog.

Alexandrea (Single Detached)

165.00 sqm. Lot Area
139.00 sqm

Is conceptualized with the hospitable Filipino culture in mind. Our spacious living and kitchen area will surely make entertaining and having guests around a memorable affair. One can build a garden or other extensions on the generous space all around the home unit, especially with a large back garden. A balcony to enjoy Lipa air, and watch the view and action below

■ Two-storey Single Detached ■ Living Room ■Dining Room ■ Kitchen ■ 3 Bedrooms (Master's Bedroom with Walk-in Closet) ■ 3 Toilet and Bath■ Family Area ■ Balcony ■ Maid's Room ■ Lanai■ Carport ■ Utility Area

Everyone can enjoy the amenities

Recreational Rendezvous

Club house - Designed for you and your guests to enjoy Lipa City's wonderful view and weather, our Clubhouse has several patios around its exterior complementing the cool climate the city is known for. These open air covered areas complement enclosed airconditioned space, tailormade for your occasions and celebrations, to enjoy both the environment of Lipa and private meetings.

View Deck - Complement your home with an amazing view and air of Lipa. A great view together with friends and a drink is a small step away.

BBQ Pit - Moments with family and friends and occasions as you cook your meals outdoors, enjoy!
Swimming Pool / Kiddie Pool - Your oasis awaits, as you relax and cool down by our pool.

Fitness Facilities

Basketball Court - Dedicated for those energetic and competitive people who wish to break a healthy sweat, our courts are strategically situated. 

Jogging Path - Enjoy a simple walk, stroll or jog through secure marked paths. Marked paths for up to nearly 2 kms., entirely within the village allow you to calibrate your calories and exercise, or enjoy a full walk through cool Lipa and meet your neighbors. Let your feet take you to places without leaving the community. Little surprises designed along the way.


Play Ground - Fun moments through a parent’s, and your child's eyes, as our Playground provides a safe and fun environment for you and your children, and they make their first friends and explorations of the outside world.

Lifestyle Venues

Multiple Parks - Scenic views made readily available through our Multiple Parks, providing you with an enjoyable escape in little pockets, whether alone or with friends.

Zen Garden - A serene place to enjoy the tranquility and clarity Bel Air Residences has to offer. 

Wisdom Walk - A corridor for meditation with famous thinkers.

Community Organization

Planning for better access to community-based educational opportunities for the children and the residents. Projects, seminars, speakers, activities

For more Information :
Main Office
Address: 6th Floor Global Enterprise Building
138 HV Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village Makati City
Telephone: +6328174565 / +6327512660
HLURB License to Sell No. 23771

Lipa Marketing and Sales Office
Address: Ground Floor LBH Building
Barangay Marawoy, Lipa City, Batangas
Telephone: (043) 757-4210

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