Friday, August 17, 2012

bohol 9th year getaway! (island hopping)

The last day of our trip is island hopping im very excited for this day! we got up around 5 in the morning to have a walk along the shoreline, because our accommodation is a block away from the beach, our tour guide met us on a place by the beach where the bangkas( boats ) dock, the tour hired a bangka ( boat ) for island hopping trip to BALICASAG ISLAND and VIRGIN island and to look for dolphins and whale sharks. the sand in PANGLAO beach is very beautiful and white at par with the sand of boracay.sadly we didn't enjoy panglao beach because we need to take our boat very early to look for dolphins early in the morning.

the sunrise of PANGLAO island

off to go look for dolphins.taking some picture!

our bangkero's
sadly i dont have picture of dolphins because the dolphins was so shy that day but we saw a couple a far about a minute or so.


as we come closer and closer to balicasag island our excitement  to go snorkeling goes bigger and bigger! our bangkero said that we need to rent shoes (price of shoe 80 pesos only) for us not to be cut and injured by the sharp corals and we need to rent a lifeguard to look after us (this is free if you have a package from agency). you have to buy biscuits to feed the fish so they can go near you, the underwater world of balicasag island is very outstanding, amazing, awesome worth the 2nd 3rd nth time to go snorkeling or diving, the island is very i mean VERY abundant of different types of fish we saw big tunas yellow fin blue fins we even saw a huge sea turle. the reef of the island is like a very deep cliff underwater and you can see different types of corals anf fishes in their natural habitat and the size of them are extra ordinary you can see how the island is well maintained and preserved strictly for touring and viewing only.

this is our underwater pic with some fishes

me and my partner ^_^

After snorkeling its almost  lunch so you better take a lunch before you go to VIRGIN ISLAND.  some of the people in that island will offer you to eat at their "carenderia" (food stall). the menu ofcourse seafood yummy!.after you take the lunch you can tell your bangkero to go to virgin island.
Balicasag Lighthouse Tower

taking some picture of our bangkero he holds a kawayan to move our boat because it is low tide that time.

center of the bay of virgin island

the women in picture was the sample of low tide and you see how far the island right? yah! hanggang jan ang low tide that time.

the Virgin island

me and my partner strike a pose!

the island have no rest house , kubo or anything that can protect you from the heat of the sun only the shades of the trees but anyhow who needs shade if you have a very beautiful view in front of you. we tried to walk around at island as you can see in the picture their so many seagrass near the pure white sand because its super low tide. we dont have a picture of a high tide?(confused) if what is the view?well some people say the island vanishes.hehehe! scary! though technically it doesnt but at high tide the the whole part of the island with sand is covered by sea water just up until your ankles and still you can walk along the beach except at night ofcourse you might end up not seeing your way and walk straight to the deep part of the sea.

im in the center of virgin island

The virgin island is curved. while we are walking along the beach of the island there are a lot of star fish, sea shell, sea urchins, sea grass and many more!

Hope you can visit BOHOL for your vacation! enjoy!


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