Sunday, August 5, 2012

bohol anniversary getaway! (Country Side)

This is the first time i blogged so technically im a rookie in blogging, for my debut what else can i possibly think of for a subject, of course the most special time, me and my partners very first getaway tour!  We planned traveling to BOHOL for the celebration of our 9th year anniversary, this is the very first time we went out of luzon, the first time in Bohol, "our" first ride on an airplane together, though technically speaking
we already rode the plane lots of times separately, and of course our very first and only 9th year anniversary!

This is our plane ticket
price depending on their promo.
terminal fee going to bohol was 200pesos

This is the first thing to do if you want to go somewhere you wanna your plane ticket in advance. Be sure you choose the promo fare for persons on a tight budget, these are the well known airlines that give out promos to anywhere in the philippines and asia Cebu pacific, Air Philippines, Philippine Airline, Zest Air. then if you are not familiar to the place you want to go. i suggest you better look for tour packages online but pick agencies that has good comments from clients or if you know someone from that place you can ask them for some assistance. but if you want a cheap adventure be a backpacker, some places have ready to hire tour guides that will accommodate you from the airport until the last day of your vacation they will even see you till you go in the airport very friendly and accommodating people and the price is very low perfect for tourist on a tight budget.
This is our hotel room accomodation in Tagbilaran City, Bohol
price 1,500 night
The Boholenos (people of bohol) was very accomodating. from airport to driver to the receptionist, service crew. since we got an afternoon flight, we have nothing to do because our itinerary starts the following day, we rest for a while then we realized that its boring just staying in the hotel room so we went out and ask the receptionist if there is a mall near the hotel, good thing there is just 2 blocks away from the hotel. after we window shopped we felt our stomach rumbling so we ate on a near pizza parlor the one with a roof on the logo, we ordered the usual dish that we always order on the same pizza parlor here in manila, but when the food was served we got shocked because the serving is super extra generous, wesaid to ourselves that if we ordered this back in manila the serving will be half of the serving the tagbilaran pizza parlor gave us. maybe because thats how accommodating the Boholanos are specially to tourist.

church in Tagbilaran Bohol (dont know the name though)

The sun is rising so our 2nd day in Bohol is going to start.Since the hotel we stayed in gives free breakfast we ate it ofcourse. The call time for our tour adventure is  9am. We are ready to go to our first stop.
Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church is a very old church in Bohol.

The Second stop ( Loboc River)

Our Ticket to ride a boat with lunch buffet for only 150pesos.

This ride is almost an hour ride. you will travel along the river till you reach a very typical small water fall on the way back you will see the tribes living along the river and they will entertain you with their tribal dance after the presentation you can give them a small token of your appreciation.

Our 3rd Stop

Tarsier Conservation Area
The smallest primate, fit in the palm of your hand.

Side trip
Butterfly Heaven Farm
Entrance 20pesos
 4th stop
Chocolate Hills

These hills looks like a chocolate bar when it rains. These is the main attraction of Bohol.

Enjoy your visiting in Bohol ^_^


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