Monday, January 28, 2013

Sample Room

(photo from Sample Room fb page)

At first i didn't know what Sample room is all about.. when i saw the people i'm following on twitter twitting about sample room i got curious about it, then when i visited their website i was amazed on how the website looked, pastel colored theme of the site,it is very girly, very appealing to the eyes. then i signed up to try their sample products. when you sign up you will automatically get one hundred (100) points so that you can purchase the products of their clients.

Some of the sample products is given in its full size or actual size.. you can purchase it with the points that sample room gave you when you signed up. the worth in points of each product varies and depends on the name of the product or if the product given is the full and actual size.

Sample Room lets you "try before you buy" the products for you to experience before hand,you dont have to buy the full size product out in the market, you might just end up spending your money on a product that doesn't suit you.

you can only purchase 3 items, the products you wish to purchase are free but shipping and handling fee of Php.100.00 will be collected, so my advice to the readers budget your points for 3 good items to maximize the shipping and handling fee, we don't want to pay it twice or thrice,right?

This is the first product i purchased on sample room

I got the TIGI BED HEAD Hair Stick at 100 points full size.

Since i already used all my points, i know you'll be wondering how to get additional points, you don't have to worry because sample room is giving away points by inviting your friends and they have to confirm of course 1 confirmation is equivalent to 1 point, the other way is by reviewing and rating the product you purchased the point given here is equivalent to the point of the product you purchased, rated, and reviewed. and giving an extra bonus once your review and rate of the product is accepted and approved by sample.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

i hooked at Fish & Co

Yesterday its payday!  what we always do is watch a movie and eat out.. we decided to watch JACK REACHER at GREENBELT 3 cinema. we bought tickets first and chose our seat numbers,  as usual last full show is our preferred screening time, so that we can have ample time to look around the mall and decide where and what shall we eat for dinner..after an hour of searching we landed at FISH & CO.

This is the bar of FISH & CO at GB3

 I Love this Coaster super cute! Nice :) i wonder who is the supplier:D

The Appetizer

Quesadilly Italian Sausage (P350.00)

 Holiday Bundle Good for 2 (P595.00)

Fish Fillet with Fries this is super delicious :).

Spaghetti in marinara sauce

Roasted chicken with java rice and mixed veggies

And Finally The Dessert

Ice Bomber  (P170.00)

This is what we call the “taro ice cream blueberry cheese-refrigerated-cake” the crushed graham represent the crust of a cheesecake.

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