Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BDJ Passion Series : Shake, Pour and Serve

Hi there!

It's been a month since my blog site's last update. This month i got an exclusive invite again from
Belle De Jour Power Planner sponsored by TGIFridays.

I was very excited to learn bar flaring that motivated me to be the early bird of this event.

After the registration they gave a tag to all of the guest for us to be seggregated with the customers. and ofcourse the food stub.

Some bellas waits for their friend and waiting for the start of the show.

I met my new friends from the past events and i got another new set of friends from this event! my co bellas :)

The show started with a game they call it STICK IT to WIN IT.
you have to stick all of the body part starting with TGIF.

and the winner is

They got 500 Gift Certificate from TGIFridays.

This event was so much fun, very enjoying and entertaining because of this

The Star Behind The Bar

The Host was very good and funny, The Bartenders are highly skillful, I waS really amazed while they are showcasing their skills in flair tending.
They are the best entertainer of the night.

They taught us basic cocktail mixing and flair tending.

After 2 hours and half all the bellas was very happy and super enjoyed attending the event.

The Bellas did'nt waste time, everyone started to take picture of and with the bartenders in the bar.

Till the next event Bellas :)



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