Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Flawless Beauty Transformation

When i was a child i idolized a lot of actors and actresses with beautiful and glowing white complexion, i want to be like Donita Rose and Carmina Villaroel from then on i was dreaming to be whiter like them because when you have fair complexion any type or color of clothes will look good on you. i'm always being teased by my friend and relatives because of my not so fair skin and at school when there is a play specially if its about filipino culture i was always asked to play the role of the aborigines for their not so fair complexion, it really lowered my self esteem and confident that why i tried tons of whitening products, lotions, soap, moisturizer, cream etc.  

Every filipina dreams of having more fairer skin, as a filipina given a chance to win this amazing prize from FLAWLESS i'll choose the GLUTATHIONE INJECTABLES 

Glutathione not only helps a person to be whiter but it also prevents neurons to die which is a very big help for our nervous system, and the side effects? hmmmm... it's the having whiter, smoother and softer skin! now if we can only make every medicine and drugs to have this kind of a side effect then every filipina would be very happy!
i heard from persons, beauty doctors and celebrities that this is a harmless method, and has greater chance of having more fairer, smoother and softer skin. 

In celebration of its 11th birthday, Flawless is inviting everyone to take advantage of its 1 + 1 beauty blowout this National Flawless Month. If this isn’t the best time to boost or jumpstart your top to toe beauty transformation, then I don’t know what is. Go to or visit a clinic near you for more information.

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